Bucket List

Summertime is right around the corner. This year I decided I’d make a bucket list of all the cool places I want to check out over the coming months. I always have a list in my head, but now that my kids are getting older they should absolutely be included in making this list! When asked, my kids will usually suggest we “go to the big mall” or “go to “Chuck E Cheese”. I’m not against those places – they are fine for a rainy day once in awhile – but I want my girls to think beyond the mouse and also have some fun while doing it.

We used sKIDaddlers to help pull our list together. It was great because my kids loved looking at all the pictures, and I was able to read the description and get the details.  If it made our list then I simply saved it to my favorites – no more writing places down on a piece of paper that I inevitably end up losing. I tried to make sure we were picking places from across a number of different categories. I also wanted to have some indoor things on the list so I’d be set even on a rainy day.

Here’s where we landed:
1 • Sibley Farm What kid doesn’t love a petting zoo?!
2 • KidsCreate Studio – They offer camps and classes. I was especially excited when I saw they offer a “Mommy’s Time off” drop-off class. What Mom doesn’t need a little break once in awhile? They also offer a “date night” drop-off class.
3 • Gammelgarden Museum – An old Swedish farmstead. Museums can be tough to keep young kids interested, but this one is on an 11 acre farm.
4 • Pizza Farm – You’ll find a number of pizza farms listed across all regions on sKIDaddlers. I’m not sure which one we will check out, maybe we can get to a couple!
5 • Elm Creek Park Preserve – My kids having been asking to go to the “Rainbow park” since they saw the picture of the playground!
6 • Day by Day Café – The patio looks awesome and they have a pond with Koi fish. This is sure to be a hit with the kids!
7 • Como Regional Park Pool – Opened in 2012, I have wanted to check it out ever since!
8 • Bunker Beach Water Park  – A water park and if we’re up for it great hiking, too, since the water park is located in a regional park.
9 • Belwin Conservancy – We are planning to go for the Buffalo Release June 8th!
10 • Stilla Dal Farm – Pick your own berries on a beautiful farm. Sounds like a sweet afternoon.
11 • Lake Maria State Park – See one of the last remaining areas of “big woods” in MN
12 • Kamp Dels – The girls are really excited about camping at a place with a water park and a petting zoo!

When the weekend rolls around I’ll let my kids help pick which bucket list spot to check off. And on those blessed days when I get out of work a little early there will be no wasted time trying to think of what we should do; since we already have our list set we’ll simply pick one, pack some snacks, and sKIDaddle.

Now that we are ready for the summer adventures to begin that just leaves one question…. What’s on Your Summer Bucket List??


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