Minneapolis Sculpture GardenWoo your out of town guests by taking them to some of the most quintessential attractions in the Twin Cities. With so many to choose from you are all sure to have a good time.

  1. Minneapolis Sculpture Garden – Take them to see the iconic Cherry and Spoon sculpture. While there, stroll through the giant greenhouse and take in a round of mini-golf.
  2. Mall of America – When you grow up down the road from the big mall it’s easy to forget how impressive it is!
  3. Mickey’s Diner – Show them a spot that has been featured in many movies such as the Mighty Ducks & Jingle all the Way.
  4. Minnesota Zoo – the Minnesota Zoo is consistently ranked as one of the top zoos in the nation. (#29 on ranker.com)
  5. MN State Fair – If you have visitors in town during the state fair, you can’t miss taking them to witness the Great Minnesota get together and all its splendor. According to the New York post, it is one of the top 7 State Fairs in the nation, with the second largest attendance.
  6. Stone Arch Bridge – There is just something special about that bridge. The views of Minneapolis are amazing. And there is so much to do and see nearby – lunch on Main Street, take a horse carriage ride on Nicollet Island, visit the Mill City Museum and more.
  7. Minnehaha Falls – They are sure to be impressed at the natural beauty right in Minneapolis.
  8. Juicy Lucy! A visit to MN is not complete without a proper juicy lucy! Matt’s Bar and the 5-8 Club both claim have invented this cheese-filled burger delight. The Nook & Blue Door Pub also have excellent versions. Every Minnesota local seems to have their favorite spot.
  9. Lake Minnetonka – Being the land of 10,000 lakes, we had better have a lake on the list! Lake Minnetonka is a perfect spot for lunch at on an outdoor patio or a public boat excursion out on the lake. While in the area take a walk down Lake Drive in Excelsior.
  10. Itasca State Park – Because everyone should see where the Mighty Miss starts.
  11. Saint Paul Saints Game The Saints got a new stadium this year, CHS Field located in the lower town area of St. Paul. According to Fox Sports could be the best minor league stadium in America. And Saints games have a reputation as being one of the most fun sporting events in town.
  12. Minnesota Landscape Arboretum – Show off one of the prettiest spots in MN.

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