Maybe it’s somewhere you have never been or just a new way to look at somewhere you frequent.. here are our best places near you to turn into an adventure

DollarEverything's a Dollar Stores
Trying giving your kids a few dollars to pick out anything they want – they feel like it is their birthday and teach them a lesson about the value of dollar! Check out Buzzfeed’s Article, 26 Useful Dollar-Store Finds Every Parent Should Know About, for a list of things you can do with dollar store finds!

Pet Stores
It’s like going to the zoo only smaller, less crowded and cheaper (as long as you don’t leave with a new pet).  Go to Petco’s website to find local special adoption days.

Nail Salons
Many salons offer reduced rates for the little one’s to get their nails painted with mom.

Coffee Shops
Kids love feeling like grown-ups at the coffee shop. Hot Cocoa with whipped cream is real treat (and coffee for mom and dad’s not so bad either). Make it extra special and find a Caribou with a fireplace to cozy up next to. How about a restaurants/cafes with play areas for kids?

Your Local Library
Minnesota is fortunate enough to have some amazing libraries. There is so much more than books to be found, such as play areas for kids, classes, computer access, to story times. Visit your local library’s website for a list of happenings.

Home Depot
The first Saturday of the Month Home Depot offers FREE kids workshops where they get to do a project to take home.

Craft Stores
Craft stores inspire your kids creativity! They also often offer classes, check with your local craft store for a list of upcoming events. Here are a couple notable mentions:

Grocery Store Salad Bar
Stop by your grocery store’s salad bar to grab food for a picnic. The selection is big enough that everyone can find something they want. Kids love making their own dish and it’s portable! Helpful hint- This has proven to be a good way to get children try more fruits and vegetables – There’s something about picking them out herself that gets her to eat more than at home!

High School Sporting Events
Do you have a little one that is into sports but don’t want to spring the big bucks to go to a professional game? Try taking them to your local high school sporting events. It’s a great way to ‘test’ out the waters before shelling out the real cash (and potential headaches) for a game downtown!

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