There are a million excuses we tell ourselves when we skip the gym.  One of mine (which I consider a very valid excuse!) is that it is yet more time away from my kids. As a full time working mom, my time with my kids is precious, and I am often left wishing we had more hours in the day to spend together.  I have a gym membership, and as much as I love my gym I am always left feeling  guilty when I pick my kids up at the bus stop and spend 10 minutes in the car together driving to the gym, only to drop them off at the gym daycare. After that it’s time for dinner, clean up, homework, bedtime – and that’s it!  So for me, I can only justify the gym 1-2 times per week. I applaud the parents that have the motivation to get up early in the am, before kids are awake and get their works out in, but that just doesn’t work for me! So I have had to find other ways to fit fitness into my life – but there is a huge bonus to this approach.

We all know how important physical activity is at every age, including for our children. And we have probably all read reports about how our kids are not getting enough activity during the day. Recess has been cut to 15-20 minutes for most kids, some schools don’t even do PE everyday. So staying fit, as a family, has benefits for everyone. Here are some ideas to get more physical activity in, as a family and keep staying healthy fun!




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