spring with the kids

Winter has finally come to an end! We have been cooped up with the kids for too long! It is time to get them off the couch and into the fresh air. So throw on those adorable rainboots and enjoy some springtime fun with our printable Spring Activity List!

Kids Spring Checklist

Spring Activites for Kids

1. Grow your own Butterfly

Your kids will be amazed as these tiny caterpillars create a chrysalis and emerge as beautiful butterflies! Order yours here from Amazon.

2. Pack a picnic and head to a new park

3. Buy flowers & paint a picture of them

4. Start seedling for the summer garden

Seedling starter kits are a wonderful way for kids to learn about plants. They will be amazed while they observe as their food grows from a tiny seed.

5. Go on a hike

gifts ideas for kids

6. Do some spring cleaning

Kids love to help Mom and Dad around the house, so keep them busy with a little spring cleaning.

E-cloths are a great way to let them help clean without the use of harsh chemicals.

7. Make a bird feeder

8. Hunt for bugs

9. Fly a Kit

Let’s go fly a kite!

10. Jump in Puddles

Rain Boots for puddle jumping are the best!

11. Visit baby animals on a farm

baby lamb

12. Borrow & add books to a Free Library

  • Click here to find a Little Free Library near you

13. Bake muffins to share with a friend

14. Go camping indoors or outdoors


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