skidaddlersprincessday-6Last weekend my fellow sKIDaddler co-founder and I decided to take two of our daughters out for a special date; we called it ‘Princesses for the Day’.

We started off the royal event by preparing as any princess would, with a proper gown. Each girl received a gift box with a beautiful Frost Queen dress in it.  Let me pause here for a minute because these dresses were unlike any costume I’ve ever seen. There were no buttons, zippers, velcro or any itchy material. Instead it was a stretchy, velvety gown with a flowing mesh cape. It was a perfect blend of fantasy and functionality (and best yet, machine washable). Thank you Whimsy Factory for doing all the research to bring us a wonderful product at a very reasonable price.  The Frost Queen dress sells for only $30, but stay tuned to win one of your own in our upcoming giveaway!

skidaddlersprincessdayOnce clothed, we headed out to begin on our magical adventure. The first stop was to make the girls shimmer! There are a variety of salons throughout Minnesota that offer fun kiddie hair packages.  We chose the “Princess Package” from Kids’ Hair. This package includes a glittery up-doo and painted nails, along with a party bag of goodies (necklace, ring, stickers, candy, and a few other treats). Total package cost $22. Neither of our girls like to have their hair combed, so I was a little nervous that the up-doo may be a total bust. Much to my delight the gals at the salon worked wonders on our little princesses who ended up enjoying every minute of their pampering.

Outside the salon, their chariot awaited them.. Well ok, so it wasn’t exactly a chariot, it was more like a mid-size sedan, but the girls didn’t seem to mind. We turned on the radio and blasted Frozen’s “Let It Go”, while all four of us sang our hearts out.

skidaddlersprincessday-2 Our next stop was at Cupcake in Eagan for a regal snack. This place is wonderful! There are so many beautiful cupcakes and other desserts to choose from. We each picked our own sweet fix… Strawberry Shortcake Cupcake, Purple Sprinkle Vanilla Cupcake, Blueberry Cheesecake Cupcake and Coconut-Lime Macaron. The girls asked if they could add some extra sprinkles to the cupcakes, and the lady behind the counter just smiled and asked them which color they liked best…She was truly so sweet, the shop was so cute, and we will definitely be back.



The final destination was to the enchanting Caponi Art Park. It’s within a couple miles of the cupcake shop and has acres upon acres of beautiful green space. We took the walking trail deep into the park to find the Theater in the Woods. Here our world transformed and easily became the very ice castle where Elsa accidentally struck her sister with her magic powers and froze her heart. Even mom got to participate in the epic reenactment of this traumatic scene (over, and over, and over again).

It was an extraordinary day, and one that I will cherish for many years to come.










Love the Frost Queen dresses and want one of your own? The Whimsy Factory has graciously offered to give away one of these fine dresses to our readers! Get one in time for Halloween, or just to have around for a special occasion.

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