We know raising kids can be expensive, and so every penny counts. That’s why we’ve come up with this collection of ideas for free or low cost fun.

Kids Eat Free
Don’t want to pay for another dinner your kids won’t end of up eating anyways?

Free Birthday Treats
Don’t miss out on a free treat to celebrate the big day.

Special Free Admission Days around the Twin Cities
Many Twin Cities businesses offer FREE admission on specific days of the week or the month.

Twin Cities Free Entertainment & Performing Arts
There are plenty of fun places in the Twin Cities to bring the kids for a little culture and entertainment.

Experience Gift Guide: Kid Friendly and Pennywise
Skip the expensive toys, and give a child the gift of a special day with you.

Free Indoor Nature Centers
Nature centers are great places to explore. They have loads of nooks & crannies, indoor/outdoor space, they aren’t too crowded, and best of all they’re free! Hours vary.

Movie Theater Discounts & Promotions
While the price for movie theater tickets these days may cost you a pretty penny, these theaters offer value prices you can get excited about.

Twin Cities Free Indoor Places for a Playdate
Looking for a place to go on a playdate that won’t break the bank? We have ideas that are free and indoors.

Free Indoors’ Category
We have over 100 places in our full free indoor category.