Last week I ‘accidentally’ threw my daughter’s half eaten doughnut out with the garbage. Unfortunately, my adorable 2 year old toddler realized what had happened, and looked up at me with her puppy dog eyes and said, “why’d you do that to me?” I didn’t stand a chance; I promised to get her another doughnut the very next day.

Sunday morning we hit the road to check out a local bakery that I had my eye on for a while. Much to my daughter’s disappointment they didn’t have any donuts. I turned to Yelp to redirect this quickly deteriorating fun bus to the nearest bakery (with high reviews), which happened to be a little spot called Patrick’s Bakery & Cafe.

When we arrived at the address we found ourselves sitting in front of a Bachman’s flower shop. Thinking this had to be a mistake we almost turned the car around, but there it was- a tiny little sign for the cafe.  By this time my daughter had waited so long I figured it was either going to be this, or a complete meltdown in the car.pats cafe

Thank goodness we got out of the car because once we walked inside it felt as if we were transported to a lovely little french cafe in the middle of  a tropical heat wave. It was warm & sunny and the food was delicious.


We didn’t find donuts, but tPatrick's Bakery & Cafe Viennoiseriehey did have croissants, danishes, cookies, quiches, salads, and sandwiches. Plus the tables were spaced out enough that the little ones were able to move around a bit in this “open air” cafe.



Looking for an escape from the MN winter blues, this is definitely the spot to be.


Patrick’s Bakery & Cafe (in Bachman’s)· 6010 Lyndale Ave, Richfield, MN


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