TMt Olypus Park - playgroundhe Wisconsin Dells is a Midwest mecca for tourism, known for its natural beauty and waterpark hotels. This winter my family and I were looking for an easy weekend getaway, and it was cold! I have a 2 & 4 year old and so anything centered on outdoor winter activities was off the table. After a little research on sKIDaddlers we decided a Dells indoor waterpark hotel would fit the bill.

Mount Olympus was (and is at the time of writing this) having an amazing online deal with room rates starting at $19.99 (closer to $60 with tax & resort fee). Our stay included access to the indoor waterpark, indoor theme park, and tubing/skiing/snowboarding. Note, the outdoor activities aren’t onsite, but rather with a partner hotel.

My girls love a good road trip. They packed up their little suitcases with their favorite snacks, books and toys for the ride. And made sure their best jammies and tooth brushes made it into mom and dad’s suitcase. I somehow forgot to pack the tear-free shampoo and later ended up having a heck of a time getting my kids through bath time.

Mount Olympus Resorts has 3 hotel options.

  1. Mount Olympus Hotel Rome – The crown jewel of Mt. Olympus Resort. On the main grounds (where you check in) and connected to the indoor parks
  2. Mount Olympus Village – A more economic option, but beware that it is spread out across several blocks. If you don’t like getting in and out of your car then make sure to pay a little more for the convenience of Rome.
  3. Mt Olympus Camp Resort – This part has RV sites with full hookups, camping sites with tents, and amazing tree houses.

It was a bit chaotic when we arrived. There’s a small parking lot out front with short term parking for check in. The lot was full so we had to drive around until someone left – we later learned there’s additional parking around back. When you enter the building you must walk through the restaurant and arcade before reaching the check in counters. If you’re not staying at Hotel Rome then leave your bags in the car as you’ll need to drive to your room.

The waterpark looked fantastic! Loads of waterslides, kiddie area, whirlpools.. Unfortunately, my kids weren’t interested in any of it at all – go figure! We did, however, spend hours upon hours at the indoor theme park. My girls were able to go on the majority of the rides. The lines were practically non-existant so we could go on as many rides as we wanted, as many times as we wanted. Beyond the rides though, they also had bowling, arcades, laser tag, bumper cars, and about the best indoor playground I’ve ever seen!

The playground is called the interactive alien ball pit, and it looks like a double decker spaceship with soft foam balls EVERYWHERE! We were in it for literally hours and I never saw a child crying – not even once! In fact, amazingly kids of all ages were actually working and playing together. Balls were going up, down, and all around. There was a basket in the center of the ship that shot the balls up like popcorn if a red button was hit. There were nerf-ball gun-like things that shot the balls down, and then there were tubes on the ground floor where you could stick the balls in to have them shot back up to the deck above. My shy daughter was excitedly shooting balls up the tube to the bigger kids up above. I, in the meantime, sat happily in the corner watching the kids play, throwing the balls into the basket, and admittedly, maybe even pegging a kid or two when they weren’t looking (bigger kids only, and the balls were super soft, I swear!)

I wish they had this ballpark in the cities. It was remarkable. Outside of the room not being connected to the parks and no good food options on premise, this was a nice value resort for us.

Mt Olypus Park- bowlingMt Olypus Park

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