I’m all about teaching my kids “life long” hobbies. When we are looking at sports to sign up for, I try to encourage ones that you can participate in as adults like swimming or tennis. When we try new activities I love it when they get excited about things like fishing. Living in Minnesota, fishing is enjoyed by young and old and in ALL of our glorious seasons! When my girls told me they wanted to go fishing, I was excited!

For our first family fishing outing we invited their aunt, uncle and cousins to join us. We decided on McColl Pond Environmental Learning Center in Savage as our fishing destination.  There are 1,000s of fishing spots in Minnesota, but as all parents know kids can have the attention span of a gnat! I wanted a spot that offered more than just fishing so that if the fishing only lasted a half hour before the calls of boredom came we would have other stuff to do. McColl Pond ELC fit the bill perfectly! There are hiking trails, a butterfly garden, an awesome playground, plenty of picnic tables and bathrooms! The fishing spot is great for little ones, the fenced dock is the perfect spot for catching fish. We just used corn and we caught lots of little sunnies!

You can read the MN DNR report for the McColl Pond here. The MN DNR website has some great resources for fishing with kids. Find links for different programs and events through the DNR here.

The MN DNRs “Take a Kid Fishing Weekend” is June 10-12, 2016. On this weekend adults that take a kid fishing do not need a fishing license. A lot of the state parks have special events going on including equipment to use. Click here to find all the details

If you want to find a fishing hole close to you, sKIDaddlers has a big list of places to drop a line and try your luck at the good old-fashioned sport of fishing!

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