skidaddler welcomeWelcome to sKIDaddlers |  We’re glad you’re here!

The idea for sKIDaddlers started with a notebook we used to write down all the fun and unique places to take our kids. As we shared pictures of our adventures we found a ton of people asking us where we were and how we found it. We wanted to find a way to easily share all these cool spots with everyone (especially the smaller ones that don’t pop to the top of your browser while searching the Internet).

The notebook evolved into what you see today on our website. It contains thousands of ideas of places to go; all searchable, categorized, geo-mapped, linked to their websites. We’ve done all the work for you.

On sKIDaddlers you have the ability to use our site as your personal “notebook”. You can…

  • Save places to your favorites/profile, by clicking “Add to Favorites” on any of the listings. Search when your kids are sleeping, and have it ready to go when they’re getting stir crazy in the house.
  • Share places with others via email, Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter. Finding new playdate spots and inviting friends to join has never been easier.
  • Add reviews, tips, and rate the places you’ve been. No need to try to remember what you thought of the place you visited. Just make a note of it here.

Head on over to Search & Map page to get started. We have some filters to make your search a cinch!

    • Category – We love organization! Find the category that fits your mood. Indoor, outdoor, food related, free, and many many more. We have what you’re looking for.
    • Keywords – Enter words of interest. It can be a specific place or even just a word that interests you, like “Cat”. Note, if you put the words in “quotes” then it will only pull listings that have the exact same words in the order as what you’ve entered inside the quotes.
    • Regions – Want to filter down by the region you live in, or region you’re going to visit? No problem. We cover Minnesota, Wisconsin, and many of the cool parts of the Dakotas.
    • Location – Enter your address in the “Enter Location” to see what’s near your. Out on the road and not sure of your address? Click on the compass icon to pull in your current address. You can enter a full address, or even just a city name. This is great for making vacation plans (e.g. search “Duluth”)

In addition to searching for places to go, you can also get ideas from perusing the rest of our site, such as Best Of Lists, Weekend Getaways, Seasonal Activities, and other Fun Resources. You can access all these and more from the menu bar at the top.

You’re welcome to search and share however you like. Though if you’d like to save places then you’ll need to create a profile/account. It’s totally FREE and is quick and easy to setup.  You can do it directly through Facebook with just a single click. No Facebook account? No problem. All you need is an email address. Click here to be taken to the log in/register page. By registering we’ll send you a monthly e-newsletter to keep you in the loop on all the cool things going on. We do *not* share your info with anyone else.

Our site is functional on mobile devices; no need for a special app, just pull it up on your phone and go. That said, at this time there is a bit more functionality (in particular in zooming in on the maps) on a desktop/laptop so if you have time please check out both.

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions or suggestion please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Do you want to see any additional categories or businesses on our site? Just let us know and we’ll do the research for you. We’re always adding new spots so come back and visit often.

Spend less time researching where to go and more time creating amazing memories.


Erica & Renee

Founders |