IMG_0339As the 14-person stretched limo SUV pulled up to the house the anticipation from the children was palpable. This was going to be a special evening indeed. For the next couple hours not only did the kids get to stay up past their bedtime, but they got to do it from the back of a very decked out ride. There were neon lights that changed colors rimmed around the walls and mirrors with stars on the ceiling. Seven kids ages 2-6 piled into the front and 6 adults in the back.

The first 10 minutes or so was completely overwhelmed by the sound of giddiness and delight that came in the form of exceedingly high pitched squeals. Of course, I was used to it being around it for the past 4 years, but I was a bit concerned it would be too distracting for the driver. However, nothing could have been further from the truth. Our limo driver, Charles, from Davis Transportation was so sweet. He made sure we all had our photos taken on the red carpet he laid out before our tour began, asked the kids lots of questions, and got them all excited for the upcoming displays as he told us about the “appetizer” houses before we moved on to the  “main course”. We drove through several neighborhoods in Inver Grove Heights.

Heading down the highway on the way to the light displays we played Christmas Carols and had a sing-a-long. It was completely cheese-bally, but in a totally festive and fun way.

Inside the LimoTo be honest, the kids probably didn’t even need to see Christmas lights, the experience of driving around in such a fancy limo with a bunch of their friends/family would have been enough. The heat from all the bodies in the car fogged up the windows. As we neared the our first “main course” house we used some cloths the driver left us to wipe the windows clean; in fact we had to pass the cloths around because all the kids wanted a turn cleaning a window. As we rounded the corner an incredibly bright house captured all their attention. The house was literally covered in lights; the roof, walls, and yard was all a glow. They plastered their warm little fingers to the windows as they peered out. “Oohs” and “ahhs” were audible. They were shouting out all the neat things spotted in the yard “Snow Man!” “Penguins”, “Santa!”, “Purple Lights!”, “ELSAA AND OLAAFF!”  Needless to say, they very much enjoyed themselves.

We drove on through several other festive neighborhoods and a few “main courses.” It makes me happy to see there are people out there so filled with the holiday spirit that they share it out with everyone in their community. And I’m so glad there are limo services out there that give everyone in the party the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Thank you to our friends at Davis Transportation for the wonderful evening. This was our first holiday lights tour and we’ll be sure to be making a tradition of it for many years to come.IMG_0350

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Happy holidays. May your days be merry and bright.


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Disclosure: We received a tour discount for our review. However, the views and opinions expressed on this blog are completely our own.