Blueberry HillsBerry season is such a fleeting and lovely time of year. Yes, we just completed strawberry season and are just kicking off the first round of raspberry harvesting, but let us not for get the queen of all berries – Blueberries! These lovely berries are generally prime for picking in mid to late July. Lucky for us, we don’t have to wait long because it’s an early season this year.

Below is a list of pick-your-own blueberry farms harvesting in early July






Tips to make your berry-picking adventure a success..

  • Berry picking availability can change daily. Always check the website or call for any farm you planning to visit.
  • It’s hot and sunny out in that field! Sunblock and hats are helpful, and bring plenty of  water to drink.
  • Expect messy fingers! Sometimes you grab a berry that is too ripe and it squishes in your fingers a little or sometimes little fingers are just too overzealous and squeeze the berries too much! In any case, wet wipes can be handy.
  • Many farms only accept cash. Check their website or call ahead of time.
  • Berries only last a handful of days after picked, so plan ahead for what you are going to do with all those delicious berries

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