My daughter’s 3rd birthday finally arrived. There was no doubt where we were going to have her birthday party this year – at IGM Gymnastics. We had been there for one of her friend’s birthdays several months ago and hadn’t stopped talking about it since.

The space is special. It makes you feel like you’re halfway between a serious gymnastics arena and somewhere over the rainbow. While it has all the equipment for the gymnasts, it also has all the bright colors, foam pits, trampolines, roly-poly mats, fun music and inflatables to keep even the little ones enamored for hours. We had 10 children ranging in age from 9 months to 7 years old and a mix of boys and girls.. quite a few more participants if you count all the parents and even grandparents that got in on the fun.

When you have a birthday party at IGM you have the WHOLE gym to yourself. It can be as organized or open free play as you like. If you have particular music you want to play, feel free to bring it and they’ll put it on. For our crew we wanted to have a mix of open and structured play. We spent a good chunk of time on the tumble track, which is a trampoline strip that bounces you right into a 6 foot deep foam pit. Next the kids moved onto a super cute obstacle course, full with ramps, bars, and a rope swing for the grand finale. We topped it off by burning off energy in the bounce house. The older kids also had a blast walking on the balance beam across the foam pit while the other kids through foam blocks at them to try to knock them off.


As of January 2017, IGM offers 2 packages:

  • Silver $175 – 1 hour gym time, 30 min cake/presents for up to 10 kids.
  • Gold $225 – 1.5 hours of gym time, 30 min cake/presents for up to 10 kids. Plus a birthday celebration medal for the birthday boy or girl.

If you have more than 10 kids it’s $8 for each additional child. If you want more time on the floor you can add more, as well, for an additional charge.

Parties are offered on Saturdays and Sundays. Kids 4 and under must be accompanied by an adult (woo-hoo, grown-ups can play, too).

For both packages, the cake/presents time is held in a separate room. IGM decorates the room for you with the table cloth and balloons. They also provide the plates, forks, napkins and goody bags (which include a free open gym pass). We also threw a few extra trinkets into the bags for good measure. You bring in your own cake & food.

We really loved this party. It was so much fun to see the kids jump around and explore. And my favorite part was having multiple generations of my family laughing and playing together. My older daughter has already made it clear that when her birthday comes around she’s definitely going back to IGM. I think this is something that we are all looking forward to.

IGM Gymnastics
14305 Southcross Drive, Ste 120
Burnsville MN 55306
(952) 898-3889


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