S · “KID” · DAD · DLE
To depart quickly, with the kids

The idea for sKIDaddlers started with a notebook that we used to keep track of all the fun and unique places to take our kids. As we shared pictures of our adventures we found a ton of people asking us where we were and how we found it. We wanted to find a way to easily tell people about all these cool spots (especially the smaller ones that don’t pop to the top of your browser while searching the Internet).

The notebook evolved into what you see today on our website. It contains thousands of ideas of places to go; all searchable, categorized, geo-mapped, with business details, etc.

On sKIDaddlers you have the ability to use our site as your personal “notebook”. You can…

  • Search for fun places to go in whatever way works best for you.
  • Save places to your Bookmarks, by clicking the heart favorite button on the top of each listing. Search when your kids are sleeping, and have it ready to go when they’re getting stir crazy in the house.
  • Share places with others via email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or Google +. Finding a new playdate spot and inviting friends to join you has never been easier.
  • Add reviews, tips, and rate the places you’ve been. Love it or hate it, your opinions help everyone, so please consider sharing what you think of a place.

You’re welcome to search and share however you like. Though if you’d like to save places then you’ll need to create a profile/account. It’s totally FREE and is quick and easy to setup.  You can do it directly through Facebook with just a single click. No Facebook account? No problem. All you need is an email address.  By registering we’ll send you a monthly e-newsletter to keep you in the loop on all the cool things going on. We do *not* share your info with anyone else.

Our site is functional on mobile devices; no need for a special app, just pull it up on your phone and go.

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions or suggestion please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Do you want to see any additional categories or businesses on our site? Just let us know and we’ll do the research for you. We’re always adding new spots so come back and visit often.

Spend less time researching where to go and more time creating amazing memories.

Erica & Renee




WANT TO CONTRIBUTE? Great! Please reach out to discuss opportunities such as being a guest writer, informing us of businesses we need to add, etc. If you’d like to support us with a monetary donation please click here. Donations will be put towards promoting our business.



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