pizzafarm-22I’ve been hearing about pizza farms for a while now, and I could just kick myself that I didn’t make it out to one until a couple weeks ago. After experiencing it firsthand, I can easily say to you – don’t wait like I did – go now! A visit to a pizza farm will be on our Must-Do List EVERY YEAR!

Pizza Farms began popping up in the last couple years as a way for farmers to generate income and also as a way to invite people to their farms for a very memorable experience.

Most pizza farms are open only one or two days per week. We picked Suncrest Gardens Farms because it was open on a day that worked for us. However, there are a handful of them around MN & WI. Click here for a list of pizza farms near you.

Suncrest Garden Farm is located in Cochrane, Wisconsin. It may be one of the most beautiful farms I have ever seen. The farm itself is 16 acres in Yeager Valley Wisconsin and was founded in 2003. Suncrest Gardens offers a CSA, special events, and of course, pizza nights! See special events on their website for the Pizza night schedule and menu.

We arrived at the farm early, about 10 minutes after they started for the night. That is a good tip if you are planning a pizza farm night – go early as they get busy! We put in our order right away because we had heard that you can expect to wait awhile for your pizza (although the wait is really part of the experience). Hailing from the suburbs its not that often that we get to just hang out at a farm!

After we ordered we walked around a bit to take in the beauty of the farm. There were geese, sheep, and goats to admire. Beautiful flower gardens and of course vegetable gardens to envy. The building structures included a barn that you can eat in in case of rain or if you just prefer to eat inside. The pizza is cooked in a large wood fired oven where the kids can get a look at the pizza’s as they come out of the oven.  One of the reasons this is such a kid-friendly adventure is that they have multiple swing set structures to keep the kids busy as you wait for your food.  There is just no comparison to waiting in a restaurant trying to keep the kids from getting too hyper vs being outdoors where they are encouraged to run, play and explore while waiting for dinner.

At most pizza farms you bring your own dinnerware and napkins, so make sure to check the website before you go. We brought a picnic blanket as seating is very limited, and we saw a lot of people with their lawn chairs. Couple more tips – bring napkins and wet wipes if your brood has messy eaters, bug spray and your own drinks, if you want.  The rules are different at different farms, but at Suncrest you can bring your own non-alcoholic drinks. Any alcoholic beverages must be purchased onsite at the farm. pizzafarm-19

We got our pizza after 20 minutes, and my kids were actually bummed the food came so quickly! The pizza did not disappoint; everyone agreed it was delicious! We also ordered a side of chips and salsa. The salsa was homemade and oh so fresh.

Because Cochrane is about 2 hours south of the Twin Cities, we made a half day adventure out of it. There are a lot of great spots to stop on the way, here are the ones we hit up:

  • Hok-Si-La Park in Lake City – a great stop to get out and stretch! Big playground, beautiful grounds and a sandy beach on Lake Pepin
  • Nelson Cheese Factory in Nelson Wisconsin. We had desert before dinner! I can’t go through Nelson, or even be near Nelson Wisconsin, without stopping at the Cheese Factory. Factory is a misleading word here; it’s actually a beautiful store and deli where you can get great cheese, delicious sandwiches and most importantly ice cream! They offer a $1 kids cone and $3.50 kids menu – you can’t beat that price!
  • Buena Vista Park in Alma Wisconsin – Talk about a view! To get to this park you’ll need take a long winding road up to the top of the bluff over Alma. Absolutely worth the detour.

This adventure was a highlight of our summer.  If you haven’t jumped on the Pizza Farm bandwagon yet.. get on it! There is a reason so many people are raving about the experience. I can’t say enough good things about Suncrest Garden Farms – the scenery, the people, the bluegrass music playing, the pizza and even the outhouses were memorable (check out their website to read about composting toilets!)  Most pizza farms have dates through the fall so it’s not too late to get your family in the car and have one of the best nights of your year!

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